“A tastemaker. A raconteur. A partner. Great design solutions are not only the result of David Curcurito’s aesthetic craft but also the by-product of his humanity and spirit. I had the good fortune to collaborate with David on the extension of the Esquire brand onto the television screen and can never wait to see what comes out of that jet-fueled mind next.”

—Adam Stotsky
President, E! Entertainment

“Jessica is a game-changing, rockstar pioneer of branding strategy. She’s singularly able to distill the most complex and nuanced brand messages and translate them into visuals that inspire and inform.”

—Ann Shoket
Author of The Big Life & former Editor in Chief, Seventeen

“During his time at Esquire, David Curcurito brought fresh perspective to the magazine with innovative design that was both first mover and progressive in the industry.”

—Michael Clinton
Former President Marketing & Publishing Director / Senior Media Advisor, Hearst

“Jess is great at turning a brand’s chaos into a clear vision. She knows how to cut through the bullshit and drill down into what the audience wants – and what they would respond to. She’s always about making an impact.”

—Joanna Saltz
Site Director, delish.com / housebeautiful.com

“To work with David Curcurito is to have your mind blown – and then lovingly put back together. He pushes and pushes and pushes until an idea explodes, and in the end you see that what seemed like the mind of a mad man was actually the mind of a genius all along.”

—Ryan D'Agostino
Editorial Director, Projects at Hearst