Geraldson Chua
Design Director

Gino Chua is a Brooklyn based Art Director who focuses on brand creative, editorial, and campaign development. He was the founding creative director of Blueland, one of the fastest growing sustainability start-ups. Before Blueland, he created impactful brand campaigns for Away with various activations for out-of-home, tv, digital and social. Gino began his career working in editorial for publications that included Esquire, Conde Nast Traveler and RealSimple.

David Granger

Granger Studios represents writers and ideas, primarily for books, film and television (i.e., media that shy away from advertising-dependent business models). Granger Studios also consults with independent magazine companies (i.e., not Meredith, Conde Nast, Hearst), public relations firms and innovative agencies. It is affiliated with Aevitas Creative Management.

Peter Martin

Peter Martin has been a magazine editor for 16 years. The first 11 were at Esquire, where he covered technology, pop culture, adventure and grooming. The last five were as the executive editor of Popular Mechanics, a magazine dedicated to technology, science, cars and motorcycles, and DIY.

James Lynch

James Lynch is a writer who loves adventure, travel, and making complex ideas easily digestible. At various times driven 30,000 miles across America as he lived out of his truck, Canoed to New York City, and ridden an electric skateboard across New Jersey to Philadelphia. As a freelance writer he has appeared in publications including Outside, Peloton Magazine, The Strategist, Delish, and the New York Times and previously worked as Head of Outdoors for Popular Mechanics.

Jill Meenaghan
Marketing Director

Jill has spent the past 25 years helping luxury and mass brands deepen their consumer connectivity through media partnerships.  Along the way, she has held strategic management positions at Vanity Fair, Esquire, Glamour and Condé Nast Traveler, among others; created exceptionally successful programs for brands like Grey Goose, Samsung, Hugo Boss and Chevrolet; and won some awards for her marketing achievements, as well. Most recently, Jill was the Chief Marketing Officer of Hearst Autos, a division within the Hearst corporation focused on transforming legacy brand Car & Driver into a leading-edge on-line shopping destination for car buyers.

Carissa Tozzi
Creative Communications Director

Carissa specializes in the ideation of brand communications across all platforms. With an intuitive eye for market trends, she is known for identifying and casting influencers, celebrities, and industry leaders for advertising campaigns, social media activations, podcasts, and special projects to reach existing and new audiences through digitally native, culturally relevant experiences and storytelling. She has worked with fashion and lifestyle brands such as Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Target, House Beautiful, Refinery29, Seventeen, Madewell, MTV, YouTube, and Wolf+Friends on content strategy, marketing & editorial programs, brand positioning, and strategic partnerships.

Nancy jo lacoi
Director of Photography

Nancy jo lacoi has over 30 years of experience as a photography editor and has worked at Rolling Stone, Premiere, Esquire, and Conde Nast Traveler. Her strengths lie in editing, visual direction, shaping ideas, and working with artists and clients in editorial, fine art, and commercial arenas.

Commercial Type
Typography Designers

Based in New York and London, Commercial Type is a joint venture between Paul Barnes and Christian Schwartz, who have collaborated since 2004 on various typeface projects, most notably the award winning Guardian Egyptian. The company publishes retail fonts developed by Barnes and Schwartz, and also represents the two and their team when they work together on type design projects.