“You know, officially, we were tasked with creating and publishing a monthly magazine. But, working with Curcurito, we did quite a bit more. We published the first edition of a magazine for a mobile device and won a National Magazine Award for our efforts. We became a video production company—creating 30-40 minutes of video content for every issue of the magazine, including one-minute movie trailers for every issue of the print magazine that then ran dozens of times on The Esquire Network. Speaking of the Esquire Network, Curcurito and I worked for 18 months on the launch of a new televi- sion network. That was amazing. We also published the only cover of a magazine EVER on which words and images moved (that was way back in 2008) and in 2009, we pio- neered Augmented Reality throughout an entire issue of the magazine. There was so much more —with Curc, everything is possible.”
—David Granger
Former Editor in Chief, Esquire